MARINE INTERIORS Konferenz Sessions


Design ist ein entscheidender Faktor, wenn es darum geht, Träume für Verbraucher und Markenwerte für Reedereien zu schaffen. Die MARINE INTERIORS Sessions zeigen, wie Design zur Markenwertschöpfung beiträgt und wie regulatorische Rahmenbedingungen erfüllt werden können.

Rechtzeitig vor Veranstaltungsbeginn werden Sie hier das Programm für 2021 finden.

I am looking forward to be one of the speakers of the Interiors Sessions at MARINE INTERIORS Cruise & Ferry Global Expo in Hamburg. The crossways of arts and design are of the most exciting grounds to navigate. Put it on a ship, and that crossroad keeps moving cultural and aesthetic grounds, making its negotiation that much more intriguing. I am looking forward to sharing a stage with leading design professionals exchanging ideas and practices in the everlasting effort to do it all better. The new MARINE INTERIORS Cruise & Ferry Global Expo seems like an excellent place to get inspired and meet the right people.

Tal Danai, Founder & CEO, ARTLink.Inc

I’m very pleased that ‘design’ is spearheading the conference sessions at MARINE INTERIORS Cruise & Ferry Global Expo in Hamburg. As cruise brands continually search for a competitive edge, the role of design is pivotal in delivering the guest experience and fulfilling their brand ambition. I’m delighted to be joined by other industry professionals, who share the same passion for ‘great design’ and how this is helping brands not only retain but attract new guests to cruising.

David McCarthy, Director, Marine Projects & Communications